Just for Brands Owners

If you have a registred domain with other TLD and with the same name of, you can request to the transfer the ownership of to you or to your Company.

Some evidence of your property may be requested.

To transfer property, we charge a fee.

By default, this process takes 24 hours to complete, after your payment is done.

PayPal account is needed.

Transfer fee is: USD 990.

If you meet the pre requisites and want to start the transfer process, please fill out the transfer Request Form bellow:
Transfer request
Please, type your first and last names!
Please, type your last names!
Please, type your email!
We prefer an email with the some domain than you are requesting. We'll never share your email with anyone else.
If you are a representative, type your company name and your customers name.
Please, type the brand name or some owned domain. Transfer rate USD 990.